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Hello all. :) my name is Liz, and you can find me on YouTube with the wonderful and inspiring Ms. Megan. I like to ramble.. do beware. Also, I make typos... a lot... sO jst IGnore theeem. 5T4S ;)


Simple Life - Megan & Liz in snaps (inspired by x)

"A Little Drunk" ↘



Have a drink at the bar with a couple friends
Hey isn’t it a boys’ night out?
It’s been a long week and I bet you need to order up another round
Even though it’s Friday I can go my way
I don’t need to go downtown

Alcohol runnin’ through your veins
Maybe you’re…

Megan and Liz's new song "Home" ↘




Megan and Liz’s new song “A Little Drunk”

From 18 to 22 you meet a lot of temporary people.


Shoutout to every black and white cat named oreo